Welcome to Yoga Gym

Yoga Gym is a revolutionary approach to fitness that unites the ancient science of yoga with modern fitness principles. It uses simple, equipment-free, do-anywhere poses and exercises so you can get healthier, stronger, leaner and more flexible at a time and place that suits you.

Whether you want to lose weight, get strong, improve your flexibility, boost your sporting performance or discover a new way to relax, Yoga Gym has something for you.


The Revolutionary 28 Day Plan

Whether you’re a yoga fanatic, regular gym goer, Olympic athlete, or exercise novice, Yoga Gym: The revolutionary 28 day plan for strength, flexibility, and fat loss, provides you with a totally new way to work out. This book puts to rest the outdated notion that yoga is about sitting around om-ing. Here’s the truth: Yoga makes you strong. It also makes you supple, leaner, healthier, and will help you get into amazing shape. By following the 28 day plan and working out just four times a week, Yoga Gym gives you the training, nutrition and motivational tools to sculpt a strong body and build a strong mind.


Join the Yoga Gym Community

Yoga Gym is designed to support you at whatever stage of health and fitness you are at. Joining the Yoga Gym Community gives you the opportunity to choose from three 12 week plans specially designed for the most common fitness and yoga goals. Each plan is made up of video workouts, coaching videos, recipes, meal plans, and motivational tips.

Yoga Gym has 3 programmes to choose from

Fat Loss Plan

The Fat Loss Plan is a unique plan designed specifically to help you lose weight and tone up.

You get 12 weeks of fat burning video workouts, access to healthy recipes and meal ideas, and lots of tips to keep you motivated on your weight loss journey.


Happy & Healthy Plan

The Happy and Healthy Plan is for anyone who wants to get fitter and find more balance their life.

You get 12 weeks of yoga workouts designed to get you strong, supple and stress-free, as well as access to mood balancing recipes, relaxation videos, and motivational tips.


Buff & Bendy Plan

The Buff and Bendy Plan focuses on increasing movement, mobility and muscle mass. It is designed specifically for men and targets common areas where flexibility and range of movement is limited.

You get 12 weeks of body weight workouts designed to increase mobility, build strength, and improve sporting performance, as well as access to coaching videos, recipes, and relaxation strategies.


About the Founder

Nicola Jane Hobbs (MSc.) is a yoga teacher, performance coach, and two times English Champion in Olympic weightlifting. She is internationally renowned for her work with athletes and for using yoga and body weight training as a tool to assist weight loss, reduce pain, improve sporting performance, and support healthy living.