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Is Yoga Better Than The Gym?

Is yoga good enough exercise in itself? Can I combine yoga and gym workouts? Will going to the gym effect my yoga practice? Will the flexibility I get from yoga reduce my strength and power in the gym? At Yoga Gym, we’re always being asked if yoga is a good form of... read more

How To Lose Weight With Yoga

There is an endless fascination with how to lose the most amount of weight with the least amount of effort. The truth is, there is no magic system, shake, or pill that will make you slimmer and leaner. Quick fix diets don’t work. Expensive supplements don’t work.... read more

Yoga for Inflexible People

You weren’t born inflexible. It’s the habits of 21st century living ( – sitting at desks, driving, and even modern toilets!) that causes us to get tight and hold tension. But, with a little work, you can regain the flexibility and mobility you were... read more

4 Ways To Make The Most Of Down Dog

Downward Facing Dog is one of the most well known poses in yoga. And for good reason. It simultaneously strengthens your shoulders and wrists, teaches you how to activate your core, stretches your hamstrings and calves, and is a great way to prepare for more advanced... read more

How To Do A Handstand

Handstands are one of the best full body exercises. And yet most people don’t do them for the simple reason that they think they can’t. Just like other poses in yoga, handstands are about getting outside of your comfort zone so you grow physically and... read more

Yoga for Athletes: 3 Post-Workout Poses

Recover from your workout with these three poses that stretch out tension, restore flexibility, and calm your nervous system.   Often the only thing you want to do when you’ve done a tough workout is get home to refuel and relax. But, whether your workout... read more

5 Quick + Healthy Breakfasts

Breakfast is the easiest meal of the day to skip. You’re in a hurry, you’ve got to get to work on time, and you know there will be coffee and biscuits waiting for you when you get to the office. BUT making time for a healthy breakfast is one of the best... read more

Why Every Athlete Needs To Meditate

Yoga and meditation are powerful when they are used alongside sport and athletic training. Meditation isn’t just sitting around om-ing. It quietens your mind, shuts out negative mental chatter, stops you from over thinking, and allows you to lift/run/play/jump... read more

5 Reasons To Take A Yoga Selfie

“Selfie” officially became a word in the dictionary in 2013 and since then the popularity of selfies has boomed. In the world of fitness, yoga, and wellness, selfies have become a popular tool for educating, motivating, and inspiring. Whether it’s a... read more

3 Yoga Poses That Build Better Abs Than Sit Ups

Most of us strive for a flat tummy or rock hard abs. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good on the beach. But there are more important reasons for building strong abdominals and a stable core than looking good in our swimwear. The core is a central... read more

Meal Ideas To Fuel Your Workouts

The taste of food is just as important as it’s nutritional content if you are going to stick to eating healthily long term. With a few tweaks to your favourite recipes you can eat the foods you love and still get in the best shape of your life. Here’s a... read more

Yoga Gym Workout #1

This is simple, fast, effective workout designed to build strength and stability in your upper body and core. Aim to hold each pose for 2 minutes with no rest in between. If 2 minutes is too much to begin with, then start off at 30 seconds per pose and build up from... read more

How To Touch Your Toes

“I can’t do yoga because I can’t even touch my toes”. This is one of the most common reasons why people don’t practice yoga. BUT you don’t practice yoga because you can touch your toes. You practice yoga so you can touch your toes.... read more

Top 10 Yoga Gift Ideas

Finding Christmas gifts that you are really excited to give can be surprisingly stressful. So we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite things that will make awesome Christmas presents for the yoga fans and fitness fanatics in your life. From a luxurious yoga mat to a... read more

10 Reasons To Do Yoga Everyday

“I don’t have time” “I can’t touch my toes” “There are no studios near me” If you think yoga isn’t for you because you can’t get your leg behind your head, think again. Whether you’re a busy parent, a... read more