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Yoga Gym is for any fitness junkie who is ready to get off the treadmill, any yogi who’s ready to chuck out the incense sticks, and anybody who’s ready to start a fitness plan that will get you strong, supple, and healthy. This book puts to rest the outdated notion that yoga is about sitting around om-ing. Here’s the truth: Yoga makes you strong. It also makes you supple, leaner, healthier, and will help you get into amazing shape. In fact, Yoga is the only exercise that is research proven to boost your metabolism, improve muscular strength, boost body confidence, increase energy, reverse the effects of stress, and make positive changes to the neurophysiology of the body.

This 28 day plan will build strength, improve mobility, and burn fat. No expensive gym membership. No fancy exercise equipment. No shouting exercise class instructors, preaching gurus, or overpriced personal trainers. Yoga Gym uses the body as an active, living, moving dumbbell. The total body yoga workouts combine traditional yoga postures with dynamic training techniques to target all the major muscle groups. Each yoga pose and yogercise is accompanied by clear instructions and photographs that illustrate proper form and technique.

Whether you’re a yoga fanatic, regular gym goer, Olympic athlete, or exercise novice, Yoga Gym provides you with a totally new way to work out. By choosing from over 150 poses and exercises or following the 28 day plan and working out just four times a week, Yoga Gym gives you the training, nutrition and motivational tools to sculpt a strong body and build a strong mind.