Yoga Gym is a revolutionary approach to fitness that unites the ancient science of yoga with modern fitness principles. It uses simple, equipment-free, do-anywhere poses and exercises so you can get healthier, stronger, leaner and more flexible at a time and place that suits you.

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Step 1: Read the book

Yoga Gym: The revolutionary 28 day plan for strength, flexibility and fat loss’ is the foundation of the Yoga Gym approach. It will introduce you to over 150 poses and exercises and break them down so you can make sure you’re doing each of them with correct form. It will also explain all the key concepts behind the Yoga Gym methods, as well as giving you diet advice and tips to help you stay motivated. The 28 day plan will introduce you to different types of workouts and training and is perfect for kick starting your Yoga Gym journey.


Step 2: Sign up to a plan

After you’ve read the book and got to know the poses and exercises then the next step is to pick a 12 week plan so you can continue getting healthier, fitter and stronger. There are three plans to choose from depending on your goals, each with video workouts, coaching videos, recipes, meal plans, and motivational tips. There’s something for everyone so just choose from the Fat Loss Plan, the Happy and Healthy Plan, or the Buff and Bendy Plan and get started!

Fat Loss Plan

Sign Up - Fat Loss Plan - Carole
The Fat Loss Plan is a unique plan designed specifically to help you lose weight and tone up.

Happy & Healthy Plan

Sign Up - Happy and Healthy Plan - Mark and Barbara
The Happy and Healthy Plan is for anyone who wants to get fitter and find more balance their life.

Buff & Bendy Plan

Sign Up - Buff and Bendy Plan - Jim
The Buff and Bendy Plan focuses on increasing movement, mobility and muscle mass.

Step 3: Join us in person

Once you’ve got a hang of the Yoga Gym approach then come and join us at a workshop or retreat to hone your Yoga Gym skills. If you are feeling inspired from Yoga Gym then come and train as a Yoga Gym coach so you can spread the joys of Yoga Gym with others.