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We offer bespoke Yoga Gym plans and coaching systems personalised to your goals. Each plan is designed by Yoga Gym author, Nicola, or a trained Yoga Gym Coach who will give you full email support throughout.

Personalised Yoga Gym plans are ideal for you if:

  • You are currently injured and want a plan tailored to your abilities
  • You are an athlete who needs to target specific areas for recovery, mobility, or performance improvement
  • You have a specific goal to work towards (e.g. learning to handstand or do the splits)
  • You have completed the plans in the book and online and want to be challenged further

We advise that you have a copy of Yoga Gym: The revolutionary programme for strength, flexibility, and fat loss when signing up to a programme as this contains helpful information on poses, exercises and workout techniques.

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4 week training plan

Yoga Gym Training Plan

A personalised training plan which provides you with a 4 week programme of yoga workouts and exercises tailored to your needs and goals with 4 weeks email support from your Yoga Gym Coach.

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24 week training system book

Yoga Gym Training System

A bespoke 24 week coaching programme with monthly training plans and continued email support to help you to reach your goals.

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Personalised DVD cover

Personalised Yoga Gym DVD

A custom DVD designed and taught by Nicola.

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Please note that on buying your plan you will receive the Yoga Gym Movement & Mobility Assessment within 24 hours so we can design your programme according to your needs and goals. Please complete this in your own time and return to