Yoga Gym Benefits

#1 Fat-loss

Yoga should be at the core of your exercise regime if you want to lose fat. As a form of resistance training, yoga builds muscle, burns fat and boosts the metabolism. Even gentle yoga enhances fat-loss by reducing cortisol levels (the hormone responsible for stress, which is known to increase abdominal fat). And, as well as the direct fat loss, you may find the body awareness you develop through yoga helps you fight food cravings and inspires you to follow a healthy-eating plan.

#2 Builds muscle and strength

If you want a lean, athletic physique then building muscle is a must. You don’t need dumbbells to build muscle and get strong. All you need is your body, the will to train hard and the discipline to physically push yourself several times a week. Yoga teaches you to master basic postures and movement patterns before adding resistance and challenging you with more advanced poses and exercises.

#3 Increases flexibility

Yoga Gym simultaneously develops strength and flexibility. By using eccentric muscular contractions and moving each joint through its full range of movement, you gain strength without shortening the muscle or compromising mobility.

#4 Improves overall fitness

Yoga Gym achieves results because it uses the whole body in each pose. It involves compound movements that are extremely effective for gains in strength, power, balance and coordination. Yoga Gym also combines strength and cardio training, meaning you can improve both aerobic and anaerobic fitness in one workout.

#5 Anti-aging

Weight gain, and osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease are just some of the common age-related problems that Yoga Gym can help to prevent. The workouts will help you build muscle to keep your metabolic fire ignited and can decrease cardiovascular risk factors by lowering cholesterol, blood sugar and stress hormones. As a form of weight-bearing exercise, Yoga Gym uses the body as active, living resistance to improve bone health.

#6 Improves mood and reduces stress

Stress is endemic in the modern world. Yoga Gym helps to bring balance to our hectic lives. As you work out you are also carrying out mindfulness. Focusing on the present moment as you perform each yoga pose or exercise helps you to let go of any worries or anxieties. This mindfulness is a skill you can then incorporate into other areas of life to reduce stress levels and live more in the now.

#7 Increases body confidence

Millions of men and women across the world suffer from feelings of shame about their bodies. Yoga Gym shifts the focus from what your body looks like to what your body can do. It promotes self-acceptance and creates room for change rather than forcing change upon you through restricted diets and rigid exercise regimes.

#8 Prevents injury and improves athletic performance

As well as making your body stronger and more supple to reduce your chances of damaging a muscle or connective tissue, Yoga Gym also increases body awareness so you are more likely to notice any small niggles or areas of tightness that could lead to bigger injuries in the future. Many athletes now use Yoga Gym so they can avoid common sports injuries, recover more quickly from training sessions and building functional strength and mobility to improve performance.

#9 Efficient and convenient

Yoga Gym yields fantastic fitness gains in a short period of time without the need for any equipment and you don’t even have to leave the house. It eliminates these barriers to exercise so you can get fit at a time that suits you.

#10 Limitless

Boredom is a barrier to exercise for many of us. One of the brilliant things about Yoga Gym is that the poses and movements are limitless. They can be performed indoors, outdoors, alone, with friends, first thing in the morning, in your lunch hour, close to home, on holiday, in your garden or in your office. Yoga Gym can literally be done anywhere, any time, with anyone, and without any equipment.