“Selfie” officially became a word in the dictionary in 2013 and since then the popularity of selfies has boomed.

In the world of fitness, yoga, and wellness, selfies have become a popular tool for educating, motivating, and inspiring. Whether it’s a handstand selfie, a selfie with your favourite smoothie, or a couple of selfies comparing the changes in your body shape before and after completing a 12 week fitness plan, each selfie you take is a form of self-expression, a tool to build your self-worth, and a way to communicate with others.

Yoga selfies can be anything – from your normal standing posture to a super-advanced backbend. There are no rules. And you don’t need to edit or photoshop them. The best yoga selfies are the raw ones that demonstrate your humanness and strength.

If you’re still now sure about taking selfies, then check out the five reasons below:

1. They are a form of self expression

We use our body in several ways to communicate with the world. In the same way some people use tattoos or piercings to express themselves, you can use yoga poses as an art to express yourself.

2. They help us overcome our insecurities

One of the best ways to overcome your insecurities is to reveal them to the world. No one is going to judge you for having a lanky arms, or freckles, or stretch marks. All they are going to see is someone working out and doing yoga to make themselves healthier, fitter and stronger. And they will admire you for that.

3. They educate others

Yoga poses can be difficult to understand from text alone. That’s why it’s such a great idea to use images to show others how to safely practice a pose or do a yogacise.

4. They inspire others

Although it can be intimidating to see another yogi do poses that seem impossible to you, it will plant a seed in your mind that, with practice and patience, you can do it. It is something that human body is capable of doing and you are human, therefore you can do it!

5. They are a great way to see your progress

Taking a few yoga selfies every month and taking a look at them afterwards is a brilliant way to see how your body is strengthening and opening. You don’t always notice the changes that happening to your body on a day to day basis so regular yoga selfies can help you look back and see how far you’ve come.

p.s. there’s a Selfie Guide in the member’s area of the website and in the Yoga Gym Tribe on facebook