You weren’t born inflexible. It’s the habits of 21st century living ( – sitting at desks, driving, and even modern toilets!) that causes us to get tight and hold tension.

But, with a little work, you can regain the flexibility and mobility you were born with. If going to a yoga class seems too much at the moment then have a go at the yoga poses and flows below to tune into your body, release tension and get it moving the way it was designed to.

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Baby Cobra

Baby cobra is a gentle backbend that increases movement in the spine.

There are four variations in the video each requiring increasing amounts of spinal extension so, as you gain mobility through practice, explore the more challenging variations.



Forward Bend

A wall is a great tool to help you reach your flexibility goals without injury.

If you feel tight in your lower back and hamstrings and struggle to touch your toes then using a wall in forward bends will teach your body how to stay in alignment so you can target the muscles that need stretching.

Start about a leg’s distance away from a wall with your feet hip distance. Hinge from your hips and reach your arms forwards to bring your palms to the wall. Walk your hands down the wall, keeping your spine long until you feel a stretch. Hold for 5-10 breaths.

As your muscles lengthen, walk your hands down the wall further until you can bring your hands to your shins whilst keeping your spine long. This can take days, weeks, or months depending on how your body responds.

Be patient and consistent to get the most progress.



Baby Bridge

Baby bridge is a great pose to practice if you lack mobility in your spine.

Start on your back, tilt the top of your pelvis backwards and peel your spine off the floor one vertebrae at a time. You can vary your hand positions – either leave them on the floor or bring them to your lower back or ankles to deepen the backbend. Hold for 5-10 breaths and lower back down under control.



Body Roll

Many people who think they are inflexible are actually just disconnected from their body, especially their spine.

Body rolls are a great way to get your spine moving the way it is designed to – vertebra by vertebrae.

Start off kneeling and initiate the movement at your coccyx, then your lower back, mid back, and finally shoulder blades. Once you feel confident with this, have a go at body rolling on your hands and knees, focusing on segmenting your spine to get as much movement as you can.



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